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Florence: Antonio di Bartolommeo Miscomini, 1492.

Four female musicians; detail of a page from Officium B. V. Mariae, Venice, 1493.

Master and Pupils, from the Mirrour of the World, Westminster, about 1481.

A group of huntsmen listening to the orders of their master; from Livre de la Chasse et les Oraisons de Gaston Phébus, early 15th century.

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2013 RUM Graduates
Scholar Degrees

Signi Ingadottir
Thomas Blackmore
Eden Fuller of Redenhall
Henry of Stone Hill Keep
Ulrich Eisenhand
Serafina Rossi
Muirghein ingen Rioghan

Lector Degrees

Margall of Dovedale
Caitlin the Wanderer (2)
Thomas Paumer

Magister Degrees

Caitlyn the Wanderer (2)
Thomas Paumer



Warmest greetings and welcome to the website for the Royal University of Meridies. With a mandate from our Crown, we hope to provide to all the very best of the talent and wisdom of our incredible teachers and staff. On this website, we include not only resources to be had from the University itself, but subsidiary webpages that describe our colleges, the classes they teach, and the specialty degrees they offer. Please feel free to browse, use what you can, and offer any suggestions that will make this site more usable to you. We appreciate your participation in the University, and your continued support and presence at our yearly event, Universitas Meridies, and our individual collegiums throughout the year!

Upcoming Events

If you are interested in teaching a class, please fill out the RUM Instructor Submission Form. Be sure to specify the appropriate event so that your submission reaches the relevant Class Coordinator.

We always have far more instructors than we have room for classes at RUM. If we don’t have room for your class, would you consider teaching it at one of our regional collegiums? Contact the dean for your college below, and if you don’t know which dean to contact, send it to the Chancellor.

Class Schedule for RUM 2014 (subject to change)


The University Administration

The University is staffed by a small group of dedicated individuals who work hard every year to make this University the best in the Known World. It is made up of the following individuals who will be happy to help you in any manner possible:


Mistress Fionnabhiar of Vrishabha

The Chancellor is the administrative head of the University, responsible to the Crown and the Minister of Arts and Sciences

Deputy Chancellor:

Mistress Wynalie Mareschall


Lady Ginevra Brembati

The Regent catalogs classes, formats and oversees the University’s class catalog, creates class schedules for our yearly event, and oversees graduation requests

Deputy Regent:

Position Open


Lady Alienora de Rouen

The Librarian handles our catalog of donated materials and class handouts, and administers exemption Exams tests for the University


Adelaide d'Montagne de Fer

The Registrar is responsible for maintaining the student, class, and teacher databases, and work with the Kingdom Webminister to insure that our databases online are up-to-date.


Lord Henry of Stone Hill Keep

The Provost-at-Large is the University’s liaison between itself and local groups, helping them to connect with interested teachers who would be willing to teach classes at events, helping local groups get classes RUM-certified, and teaching local groups how to have classes at their events so that students get RUM credit for attending those classes.

The Deans of our individual Colleges are:

Dean of Heraldic Studies College:

Lady Wu

Dean of Middle/Far Eastern Studies:

Duchess Deirdre

Dean of Performing Arts College:

Baroness Flannait inghean ui h’Eighnigh

Deputy Dean of Performing Arts College:

THL Juliana Harper

Dean of Culinary Sciences:

Domina Gwenhwyvar merch Rhufain

Dean of Omnes Creatures College:


Dean of Practical Arts College:

THL Catelin the Wanderer

Dean of Scribal Arts College:

Lady Charmayne D'Aix la Chappelle

Dean of Meridian Military Arts College:

THL Jehan-Azriel du Corbier



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